The committee has received funding to build the Veterans Wall, ribbon garden and complete the landscaping. The committee is seeking $45,000 fund the remainder of the cost of the five granite pillars.

Consider donating to the fund in any denomination or purchase a brick for your Veteran to make this park come to life.

Phase 1 Includes: (Phase one has been fully funded)

  • 70 foot brick wall. The wall contains bricks inscribed with veterans’ names and a honorary donor wall.
  • Five granite benches
  • Ribbon pollinator garden
  • Flag Pole
  • Sidwalks and landscaping

Phase 2 Includes: ($45,000 is needed to complete this phase of the project)

  • Five granite pillars. These pillars include a bronze emblem specifying one branch of service. The pillars are engraved with a mural of our military in action.

Veterans Park Updates

Donors Providing $15,000 or More in Support

Harold Dunlap Fund

Donors Providing $10,000 or More in Support

VanWinkle Family in honor of Edward VanWinkle

Donors Providing $5,000 or More in Support

Mike and Denise Lowry
Tom and Joey Falch
Pathway Bank
Richard Heckman

Donors Providing $2500 or More in Support

Southern Power Round Up Program
Brandon and Marissa Robinson

Donors Providing $1000 or More in Support

Gordy and Pam Sorensen
Bill and Joyce Heger
Five Points Bank
Norm Krolikowski Family


Mike & Denise Lowry and Tom & Joey Falch in honor of Robert Lowry

Water Feature

Seanne Emerton and Mary Larson Diaz in honor of Robert “Bob” Larson

Memorial Benches

Gordy & Pam Sorensen and Bill & Joyce Heger in honor of Wayne Sorensen
Brandon and Marissa Robinson in honor of their service
Lawney Rathman Family in honor of Lawney Rathman
VanWinkle Family in honor of Edward VanWinkle
Brundage Family in honor of Leslie Brundage


JoAnn Bjorkman in honor of Dale K Grim

Memorial Bricks

James Boroff
Rick Leth
Douglas Schultz
Doyle Harders
Eugene Pesek
Donald Shuda
Earl Cranford
Frank Maixner
Charles Benton
Delvin Baldwin
Michael Brundage
Billy Hester
Brandon Piersol
Merlin Dibbern
Pete Dibbern
John Vierk
Glenwood Hargens
Robert Harder
Arthur Klinkacek
Frank Weber
August Baasch
Richard Engel
Alfred Engel
Danny Engel
Allan Osburn
Marvin Van Dyke
James Ford
Dennis Klanecky
Charles Hollingsworth
Edwin Baasch
Vernon Harders
Robert Lowry
Richard Brundage
Leslie Brundage
Hugh Hinkson
Michael Larson
Stephen Larson
William J Heger
William John Heger
Tyler Gannon
Dennis Harb
Dr. Fred W Harb
Fred W Harb III
LaVern Luhn
Kevin Dunn
Daryl Sorgenfrei
George B Bellamy
Delton Welty
Jeffrey Hansen
Joshua Sorensen
George Bellamy

Dennis Baasch
Amos Ward
Francis Clark
Lawney Rathman
Gordon Schultz
Wille Garrett Jr.
Earl Sautter
Gilbert Mora
Franklin Powers Jr.
Daniel Kroger
Gail Gates
Peter Dibbern
Steven Dibbern
Cary Voss
Raymond Roberts
Raymond Oltman
Rachel Wells
Richard Frankforter
Douglas Schultz
April Schultz
Holly Schultz
Kenneth Schmidt
Robert Schoel
Orville Rohlck
Erick Weber
Glen Nielsen
Charles LeBeau
Robert Lebeau
Terry Gallagher
John Rauert
Willie Garrett III
Wayne Sorensen
Dominic Kalinowski
William Burdett
Gary Schultz
Robert Martin
Gordon Dibbern
Lawrence Blassingame
Kenneth Baasch
Billie Maier
Lester Claussen
Emmet Jarzynka
Jesse W Ross
Charles Nichols
Lester Journey
Elmer “Benny” Schulund
John Oetinger
Nicholas Plate
Dale Grim
Richard Tyma

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