We asked former Go Big Give donors why they give.

Donating to the Cairo Community Foundation was an easy decision for me to make as I reflected on what this community has meant to our family. Norm and I moved to Cairo 25 years ago and I can’t imagine raising our daughters anywhere else.  Our family has been blessed by this small town in so many ways.  The Foundation is just one example of how Cairo strives to provide for others. 
Sandra Krolikowski

Join Sandra and become a Go Big Give Donor.  Make a BIG difference in your community with you gift to the Cairo Community Foundation during Go Big Give on July 7th.

Make your donation online on July 7th or visit the Cairo Community Foundation board at the Vault on July 7th to make your donation in person. 

“I give to the Cairo Community Foundation because I know that the money and time that has been invested will come back around and really help the people that live in the Cairo Area. There have been a lot of projects completed in Cairo with the help of the Foundation, many of them would not have gotten off the ground if not for them. Cairo and the surrounding area can be very proud to have such an organization.” ~ Gordy Sorensen

Join Gordy in supporting your community.  Schedule a Go Big Give donation starting June 22nd or give online July 7th.

Cairo Community Foundation board members are stationed at the Medina Street Vault on July 7th to assist you with your Go Big Give gift!

Click Here to Go Big Give!!

There isn’t much exciting about a public restroom until you are in need of one.   The North Ball Field bathrooms are currently something very far from exciting.  They require constant repair and no longer fit the needs of the facility.  In a typical year the ball fields see 1 to 2 ball games per night.  The ball fields now host Centura softball which continues through the fall.  The ball field area is also used for events like Junk Jaunt and future events in production.  As the area becomes more of an event space for the Village of Cairo the bathrooms need to be improved to meet the future needs of the area.

Two Cairo volunteers, Barb Knopik and Tara Janda, are championing this project.  They realize it is not a quick fix.  They are prepared to work on this project for the long haul along with a contingent of rock star volunteers.  They are partnering with the Cairo Community Foundation to be their fiscal agent to raise the funds to create a new building to house bathrooms first.  Building plans include options for future growth as funds allow.  Ideas for future additions include showers, batting cages, concessions, and possible grand stand space.  

Building with a plan for the future is a brilliant way to make sure that Cairo is the “Oasis of the Prairie” for its residents and its visitors.

To support this project donate to the Cairo Community Foundation during Go Big Give on July 7th. 

Donate online July 7th.  http://gobiggive.org/ccf

Donate in person at the Vault on July 7th or during Cairo Cruise Night starting at 7pm on July 7th.  Representative are located at the Watering Hole during Cruise Night.

There are great groups of people in Cairo that volunteer to take on projects.  They need funding and some financial organization.  That’s where the Cairo Community Foundation comes in.  The Foundation partners with these groups offering administrative and financial support to get Cairo projects done.

The Foundation is a 501 c3 nonprofit.  The Cairo Community Foundation complies with all the nonprofit legalities so that it is eligible to write grants for projects in Cairo that are completed by some terrific volunteers.  Without the Foundation many organizations would not have the necessary documentation to even apply for grants.  

That is the true purpose of the Foundation.  To be the foundational support for all the smaller volunteer organizations that are getting the work done.

The welcome sign is a Cairo Steering Committee project.  You can financially support the Cairo Steering Committee and their projects like new pickleball and sand volleyball courts with a donation to the Cairo Community Foundation.  The Foundation is the fiscal agent for the Cairo Steering Committee.  

For more information about the Cairo Steering Committee contact Anna Rathke.

Donate during Go Big Give.  Go Big Give donations earn bonus dollars during Go Big Give on July 7th.

Donate online at http://gobiggive.org/ccf

Mike and Denise Lowry are challenging you to give to the Cairo Community Foundation during Go Big Give.  Mike and Denise are matching each donation, dollar for dollar, until the Foundation reaches $2500 on Go Big Give day.  

You can give in person at the Vault on July 7th.

Give online at https://www.gobiggive.org/ccf

During Go Big Give Cruise Night in Cairo starting at 7pm.  Cairo Community Foundation Board members will be at the Watering Hole to assist you with your gift.

Don’t forget the Vault and the Watering Hole are both sponsoring the Cruise Night and have specials when you show your Go Big Give Cairo Community Foundation receipt.

During Go Big Give the Cairo Community Foundation is asking for gifts to the General Fund.  The general fund supports community grants like the one made to Centura Youth Football.  

Football is an awesome sport and the fellas in this picture love to play.  They needed to update their football helmets so they could continue to safely play the sport they love.  A grant from the Cairo Community Foundation general fund insured that these kids would get to play today and in the future.  If you are donor to the Cairo Community Foundation general fund you play a part in keeping 100 heads safe from injury.  Please consider a gift to the Cairo Community Foundation General Fund during Go Big Give on July 7th.  Give in person at the Vault or go online at http://gobiggive.org.

Order your Go Big Give T-shirt today.  Go Big Give t-shirts are created exclusively by Jenny Reynolds for Cairo Area Nonprofits.  T-Shirts are Red and show the Go Big Give logo on the front and showcase Cairo nonprofit logos on the back.  Jenny is donating $10 from every t-shirt sale to the Cairo Nonprofit you choose.

Order your Go Big Give T-Shirt today and earn your Cairo Nonprofit $10.

Remember to schedule your Go Big Give donation online today at http://gobiggive.org or make your donation on Go Big Give day July 7th.

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Go Big Give General Fund

Making a “Go Big Give” gift on July 7th to the Cairo Community Foundation General Fund supports community grants like the one Centura received to add a much needed refrigerator and dishwasher to their science lab.

General funds are extremely important to the Foundation because they fund immediate needs that can’t be funded from restricted funds.  General funds provide the Foundation board the opportunity to say yes to grant applications that are submitted by community members in February and August.  

Say yes to community projects with a gift to the Cairo Community Foundation General Fund on July 7th.

Give online starting June 22nd or make your gift in person at the Vault on July 7th.

Click Here to Go Big Give for the Cairo Community Foundation General Fund

Cairo Community Foundation

Join the Cairo Community Foundation on July 7th starting at 7 PM for Go Big Give Cruise Night. No registration required. Just show up. Wave at your neighbors and your friends. Show off that flashy car or your daily driver. Happening downtown Cairo, Nebraska.

The Vault walk up window and the Cairo Bowl and Watering Hole will be open for refreshments. Make a Go Big Give donation of $20 benefiting the Cairo Community Foundation, online or in person at the Vault or Cairo Bowl. Show your receipt at either restaurant and receive a free lemonade from the Vault or a gift from Cairo Bowl.

****Participation in Go Big Give is always welcome but not required for cruise night. We just want everyone to enjoy a night of safe fun.

Cairo has some great projects and services to support. Gifts to the Cairo Community Foundation can be designated to these funds.

Ball Field Improvements (new bathrooms)
Cairo Steering Committee (Pickle Ball, Sand Volleyball, Welcome Signs)
General Fund (provides community grants for emerging projects and keeps the Foundation operating)
Children’s Fund ( Funds projects like progressive safety day, children’s theater and other projects Cairo volunteers dream up for the benefit of our kids)
Veterans Memorial
QRT Equipment

Everyone is encouraged to follow the directed health measures specified for the day of the event.