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What is a GaGa Ball Pit?  That’s what the Cairo Community Foundation board wondered too until they received a grant application explaining what it was and how it would benefit kids in the Cairo Community.  

The Cairo Community Foundation combines Go Big Give Donations with other funds and grants to help projects like GaGa Ball Pits become reality.

Cairo Community Foundation encourages the Cairo community to share their ideas for great community projects during two grant cycles.  The Foundation accepts grant requests in February and August.

Because people “Go Big Give” Gaga Ball Pit dreams come true.

Please consider giving to the Cairo Community Foundation during Go Big Give on July 7th.

Give online or visit Cairo Community Foundation representatives at the Vault on July 7th.

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The Cairo Steering Committee led by Anna Rathke hosted a wish list meeting.  From that meeting the committee took on the task to check one wish off the list.  A “Welcome to Cairo” sign.  The team worked with artist Neely Tubbs to generate several designs.  The Cairo community voted and selected Cairo’s first welcome sign design.  The sign is located on the utility building on the East side of Cairo on Highway 2.  Neely has started the painting and hopes to finish soon, weather permitting.  The Cairo Steering Committee is working towards lighting the sign and adding some basic landscaping. 

That’s not all this committee has planned.  They are working on quite a few more wish list items too.

The Cairo Community Foundation is the Cairo Steering Committee’s fiscal agent.  You can make a donation to the Cairo Community Foundation during Go Big Give and indicate the Cairo Steering Committee.

Help the Steering committee make a few more items on the wish list a reality with your Go Big Give Gift.

Giving day is July 7th.  Give online or visit with a Cairo Community Foundation representative at the Vault on July 7th to make your gift. 

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The Cairo Community Foundation Board is gearing up for another “Go Big Give.”  Go Big Give day is July 7th.  

Go Big GIVE is a 24-hour, online giving event organized by the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation and Heartland United Way to grow philanthropy in Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick Counties. Matching funds and prize money are available to amplify charitable donations. Go Big GIVE is based on other successful giving days hosted by community organizations across the country.

In the past the Cairo Community has stepped up to give genoursly during this event.  Cairo Community Foundation has been in the top 20 nonprofits during Go Big Give for the last 5 years because people love to donate to their Cairo Community.

This year has been a year that no one would want to repeat but during crisis we have seen remarkable acts of innovation and generosity, especially in the Cairo Community.  People continued to support local business, support each other.  Because of donations received during Go Big Give last year, the Cairo Community Foundation was able to supply 100 familes with meals during the pandemic.  The donations not only fed people, but fed our businesses.  

By donating to Go Big Give you are using the Foundation as a tool to support your community. 

Join the Cairo Community Foundation for 24 hours of giving to make a BIG difference in the Cairo Community.

Go Big Give pre-give begins June 22.  Go Big Give day is July 7th.

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When the pandemic struck everything shut down except for the hearts and minds of our Cairo Community volunteers.  Recognizing that our children’s summers were going to be a little lack luster, volunteers; Lisa Wright, Trisha Plate, and Amanda Schweitzer came up with the Creative Kids Challenge 2020.

The challenge is for children Pre K to 8th Grade.  The challenge begins June 15 and runs through August 9th.  These volunteers enlisted the involvement of Cairo area businesses to build a fun and adventure filled summer full of activties for the area youth.  With the financial support of the Cairo Community Foundation and area businesses the Creative Kids Challenge is free to join.

The Challenge involves weekly activities, crafts, project ideas, take home supplies, contests, art, exercise, and more.  

To get started just visit the Cairo Area Creative Kids Challenge 2020 Facebook Group.  Each week volunteers post projects and locations to pick up supplies.  Children complete projects, snap pictures and share them in the safe and secure facebook group.  The volunteers have enlisted the help of our Cairo Area businesses.  Each of these businesses are availalble to post art work, provide supplies, and generally convey that your children are important to the Cairo Community.

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enjoy a meal on us



The Cairo Community Foundation is thinking about our Centura District Family during the pandemic. To lift your spirits and support our local restaurants the Foundation is sponsoring a Stay at Home Dinner.

The Foundation is purchasing 100 meals that serve 4 to 6 people.  The meals are purchased from the Vault, Danish Baker, and the Watering Hole.

We invite households located in the Centura District to select 1 meal and pick up that meal up from the restaurant you choose at the specified time.

We ask that you select one meal per household.  If there are still meals available after the first round we will open ordering up to a second round of ordering.

The Foundation hopes to reach 100 households with the Stay at Home Dinner.

The Foundation Board knows you are going through a lot right now.  Even though we can’t get together we can still share a meal.

Once you sit down to enjoy your meal.  Take a picture of your household enjoying your meal.  Share that picture on your social media page and drop a picture in the Cairo Community Foundation Facebook page post.  The Foundation is looking forward to seeing your smiling faces enjoying a meal that brings everyone together. Please hastag your post #CairoCommunityFoundation #StayAtHomeDinner.  

Special thanks to the Medina Street Vault, Danish Baker, and the Watering Hole for making this meal happen!

Also special thank you to all who contribute to the Cairo Community Foundation.  These contributions make this event possible.


Our Stay at Home Dinner is sold out.  Thank you!!


“Board members answered the question:  How will the Cairo Community Foundation continue to build on past success and create opportunities for strengthening the community in the future?”

Planning for the Future

Cairo Community Foundation Board members and director met with Mission Matters consultant, Kayla Schnuelle to answer the question:  How will the Cairo Community Foundation continue to build on past successes and create opportunities for strengthening the community in the future?

Board members spent a full day evaluating the Foundation’s impact over the course of the last five years.  The board really took a close look at what is working, what bold new risks should be explored, and what defines the Cairo Community.


Board Members

At the end of the day the Foundation Board developed a 3 to 5 year plan with a three pronged approach to become a key tool for successful growth of the Cairo Community.

The strategic plan identified actionable steps for the next eight quarters.

The strategic plan will be made available and used as a guide to measure success and assist the community in reaching its goals.


Cairo Community Foundation Board and Executive Director
Board Members back row:  Mike Lowry, Dick Hadenfeldt, Craig Welty, Randy Gleason, Jen Barker.  front row:  Brook Sautter, Judy Landers, Angie Meyer and director, Charity Adams

“Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy. You might know how to succeed, but more importantly, what’s your plan to succeed?” Jim Rohn

“Board member, Craig Welty puts actionable steps on the strategic plan”

Strategic Planning Funded by a Grant from NoNProfit Excellence INSTITUTE Participation 

The Cairo Community Foundation applied and was accepted to participate in Nonprofit Excellence Institute in 2019, operated by the Grand Island Community Foundation.  This twelve month class provide training in board management, leadership, budgeting, marketing and much more.  Upon completing the course the Foundation receive a $5000 capacity building grant.  The Cairo Community Foundation board utilized this grant to complete strategic planning to fortify the organization.


The Cairo Quick Response Team is undoubtedly one of the most needed volunteer organizations in the Cairo community.  Answering emergency medical calls and assisting on Fire Department calls the QRT team attends an average of 54 calls per year.

This team has seen it all and continues to step up and serve on a volunteer basis.  If you have ever needed them I can guarantee you are beyond grateful for the support they provide in times of crisis.

This last year the team embarked on raising $135,000 for the purchase of a new Quick Response Team truck.  They received funding from county and village funds, hosted dueling pianos and participated in Go Big Give.  

The Cairo Community Foundation knew that the purchase of the truck answered a critical need for the community.  The Foundation wrote several grants and accepted donor gifts towards the new truck purchase.  As Christmas rolled around the QRT team indicated they were just $5000 from their goal.  

At the annual fire department appreciation dinner the Cairo Community Foundation was delighted to surprise the Cario QRT with a check for $5000 made possible from a grant from the Wolbach Foundation.  The $5000 completed the funding for the new truck.  

QRT leader Rebecca Hadenfeldt said, “The truck is currently in production with hopes that it will be delivered and be available for service by Cornstalk Festival.”

Through generous gifts made by donors through the Cairo Community Foundation, grants and Go Big Give.  The Cairo Community Foundation was able to support this worthy cause with nearly $38,000 in funding.  The Foundation looks forward to assisting the Cairo community through financial and administrative support as well as helping donors give gifts to projects and services they believe in.

Applications are now open for Cairo Community Foundation community grants.  Download an application online or visit the Village Office to pick and application up in person.  Applications are due February 1st.

Grants Due February 1st

Do you have a Cairo community project or program that needs funding?  Apply for a Cairo Community Foundation grant.  Grants will be accepted for review until February 1st. 

Return grant applications to the Village of Cairo Office.

You can also email applications to cairocommunityfoundation@gmail.com or mail to 

Cairo Community Foundation, PO Box 603, Cairo, NE 68824

Download Grant Application


Rick Seevers and his team made it into town on Monday morning to being work on the Veterans Memorial Project. After a long wet summer full of construction delays and flood repair we are finally seeing progress on this long-awaited project.

We would like to extend our thanks to Harders Dozer for bringing in the dirt needed to get the site ready.

Seevers and company are pouring footings for the 90-foot block wall. The wall will be faced with red brick. The wall will house veterans memorial bricks for current honories and leave plenty of room for future veteran dedications. The wall will include a donor section recognizing donors who made this project possible.

We are still taking orders for bricks. If you would like your brick to be one of the first installed please contact Charity Adams at 308-379-9119 to place your order immediately.

Cairo Community Foundation celebrated a year of giving with grant presentations at the Medina Street Vault on Saturday, September 7.

The Cairo Community Foundation board presented the Cairo Quick Response team with a little more than $28,000 raised through grants and donations.  The Quick Response Team needed a new Quick Response Truck to replace an aging and outdated vehicle.  The Cairo Community Foundation funds combined with Quick Response Team funds enabled the team to order the new truck.  $4,000 is still needed to complete this project.  The Cairo Community Foundation is accepting donations.

Centura Youth Football supports Cairo area youth with their program.  This organization is supported by volunteers who administer and coach children in the art of football.  This year the team needed new helmets to keep kids safe.  The Cairo Community Foundation board was glad to provide $750 to fund this fun and important program for the youth of Cairo and its surrounding towns.

All Belong to Christ Childcare center is a vital nonprofit organization in Cairo.  The center provides childcare to children up to twelve years in age.  From infants to pre-teens, the center provides fun and engaging enrichment activities.  This year the center had a small ask for a mighty purpose.  The Cairo Community Foundation provided $115 towards the purchase of new equipment to keep the center a vibrant and enriching place for all the children enrolled.

Cairo has had a point of entry sign on their to-do list for many years.  This year a team of dedicated volunteers took on the challenge of checking that item off the list.  The Point of Entry Sign committee is working to turn the side of a storage shed into a vibrant welcome sign for those entering Cairo from the east.  An artist is commissioned to complete the work.  The Cairo Community Foundation is providing $250 to get this project done.

What started as a little idea to give the town a little pop of color and an interactive point of interest is now turning into a project that will introduce Cairo visitors to multiple locations.  The “Wings Across the Heartland” project started by Karen Neppl of Studio K Art Gallery is coming to Cairo.  The Cairo Community Foundation granted $350 for the first set of wings to be painted near the Medina Street Vault.  A group of Cairo volunteers is working with 13 property owners to turn a little point of interest into a Wings Walk through the Village. 

The Cairo Community Foundation is proud to serve the Cairo Community funding projects today while establishing an endowment fund that will eventually, provide a steady stream of income for the community long into the future.  If you are interested in financially supporting the Cairo Community please contact Charity Adams at 308-379-9119 or charity@cairocommunity.com to create a legacy of giving at the Cairo Community Foundation.