The Cairo Community Foundation is essential to creating a bright future for the Cairo Community.

The Foundation is a key tool in funding the growing needs of a robust and determined community.

The Foundation’s General Endowment Fund is used to:

  • Operate – While the Foundation is extremely conservative with its budget there are still dues, costs of doing business, insurance, and operating expenses. Contributions to the general fund insure the Foundation’s correct operation and longevity.
  • Community Grants – The Foundation holds two grant cycles. Community nonprofits and committees offer value to the Cairo Community apply for these grants. General funds are used to make these dreams for a better future come to life.
  • Community Savings Accounts – Cairo is working with all the area nonprofits, the Cairo Steering Committee, the Village of Cairo to plan projects that add value and ensure a thriving community. Some of those projects are big, big, big. They take years of planning and development and they take funds. We hope that people who love Cairo donate to the Foundation to create an endowment fund that is invested and continues to develop a stable income to fund community growth projects.

Just a few of the projects the Cairo Community Foundation has worked to Fund

Make a donation online or contact Foundation Director at or 308-485-4400.