The Cairo QRT responds to every call the Cairo Volunteer Fire Department receives.  In addition to fire department calls the team responds to medical emergencies on their own.  The current vehicle is less and less reliable.  The Cairo Quick Response Team is acting proactively to purchase a new vehicle to avoid costly repairs and maintain quick critical response times.

The team currently utilizes a 1999 F250 quick response utility truck with the ability to transport two team members.  With an average of five team members attending calls, team members are driving their own vehicles to reach these calls.  This creates a personal liability issue for team members.  It also creates confusion on the call when working with other teams such as Grand Island Fire and Rescue.  When other teams arrive the sheer number of vehicles on the call scene reduces the response time as arriving teams try to determine which vehicles are part of the incident.  Multiple vehicles also create parking issues and team access on the scene.

The Cairo Quick Response team has updated its equipment to provide the best medical service possible. The 1999 F250 utility configuration does not allow space for advances in medical equipment.  The configuration of the storage compartment requires team members to literally crawl and crouch into the interior of the utility area to access equipment.  The new vehicle is configured so team members can access equipment and supplies without entering the vehicle.  The new configuration includes pull out compartments and hatches to allow quick response team members to access what they need in a more efficient manner.

Cairo QRT Appreciates Funding Received From These Donors

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