The Cairo Community Foundation would like to thank the following contributors.

Contributors in red donated during the Go Big Give


Karen Rathke
Tammy Morris
Diane Spiehs
Jennifer Turek
Jennifer Sokol
Dorris Klausen
Kody and Barb Knopik

$50 and over

Darren and Charity Adams
John and Rebecca Hadenfeldt
Cindy Brown
Ryan and Charity Marr

$100 and over

Angie Dibbern
Ramon and Julie Otero
Bill and Joyce Heger
Matt Bellamy
Jo Riedy
Tom and Seanne Emerton
Rick and Jan Leth
Dennis and Kathy Baasch
Arnie and Dawn Hinkson

$250 and over

Joan Hadenfeldt Larson
Ron and Linda Hargens
Gordy and Pam Sorensen
Maxine Robertson

$500 and over

Pathway Bank
Dick and Jan Hadenfeldt
Ray and Julie Roberts
Mike and Denise Lowry


Casey and Rhoda Caswell
Glenwood Hargens


Borglum Historical Marker

Cairo Roots Museum
Nebraska Junk Jaunt
Walt and Laura Sorensen
Ken and Deb Harders
Jo riedy and daughters
Ed and Bernice Baasch
Jean and Ron Lukesh
Pathway bank
Tom and Seanne Emerton
Ray and Julie Roberts
Nate Emerton
Joan Larson
Field Mouse Productions
Centura Student Fundraiser

Veteran’s Memorial

Mike and Denise Lowry