Donors raised $17,526 for the Cairo Community Foundation during Go Big Give. This money supports not only the Cairo Community Foundation General Fund but also supports the work of Cairo volunteers for very specific purposes.

Yesterday donors gave to the Foundation’s General Fund.  Funds were also received for:

  • The Gathering Place kitchen remodel
  • The New Bathroom Project at the North Ball Field
  • The QRT vital monitor purchase
  • Cairo Community Food Pantry
  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • Cairo Steering Committee

Foundation’s donors also did something else pretty special.  They met the $6000 Go Big Give match challenge made by the children of Norm and Dylece Hadenfedt.  When $6000 in donations were received during Go Big Give the family of Norm and Dylece Hadenfeldt matched those donations with another $6000. 

The $6000 donation created the Foundation’s first donor-advised fund.  The Foundation now manages a donor-advised fund called the Norm and Dylece Hadenfeldt fund.  The Norm and Dylece Hadenfeldt family can advise the Cairo Community Foundation on how the invested proceeds of this fund are used in the community.

The Foundation’s board wants to thank everyone who donated and helped make Go Big Give a very successful event for the Cairo Community.



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