Thanks to the communities’ donors Cairo had a successful Go Big Give Day!

Cairo Community donors stepped up and put their money where their heart is by supporting their Cairo Community Foundations work to raise funds for the general fund, the veterans memorial fund and the fund to purchase a new Quick Response Team truck.  Donors generated $16,393 to support these causes. Roughly split evenly between the three funds. Do to the donors’ generosity Cairo will see its general endowment grow, the veterans memorial built and the QRT truck purchased in the near future.

In addition to Cairo Community Foundation, donors supported All Belong to Christ Daycare and Childcare center with $6,148.  The center provides area children with enriched childcare, after-school programming and summer youth programs. Quality daycare is so very important to so many parents, with the gifts provide All Belong to Christ Daycare Center can improve and expand quality youth programming opportunities for children in the Cairo area.

Centura Educational Foundation’s inaugural year in Go Big Give was extremely successful.  Centura Education Foundation is developing funding to improve and expand the welding program for Centura students.  Donors provide $27,691 in funding for Centura’s welding program.

New Hope School donors gave $22,705 towards the New Hope School Building Fund.  The number of students long ago expanded beyond the four walls of their current building.  Fortunately, they are able to accommodate additional students at New Hope North also know as Apfel Funeral Home.  While the funeral home provides an opportunity for education the set up is not ideal. New Hope is closing in on the dollars needed to build a new facility and the $22,705 was a definite step in the right direction.  They are determined to hit their goal as their enrollment continues to grow.

Cairo community received a total of $72,937 through these four nonprofits.  Cairo is grateful for such amazing community support and looks forward to putting those dollars to work to build a better community.  Thank you to everyone who supports Cairo during Go Big Give!

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