Rumors have been flying through town about the activities of Cory and Kate Bohling and Coby and Jamie Rathman–Cairo Community Foundation Go Big Give queen and king candidates.  Rumor has it construction crews have been spotted in front of the Bohling’s home.  There is speculation the Bohlings are adding a “thrown room” to their home in anticipation of bringing home the crowns.  In alleged reports Coby and Jamie Rathman have been seen practicing their royal wave so they are prepared when they are crowned king and queen at 10:30 pm on April 29th at Centura Hills.   The candidates are out checking their Cairo Community Foundation Go Big Give buckets looking for your donation to make their dream of becoming royalty a reality.

All kidding aside, what’s most important is you.  You knowing why in the world you would donate your hard earned dollars to the Cairo Community Foundation during Go Big Give.  The reason is the Cairo wish list. That list is extensive because people in the community continual want to make really, great improvements to the town. Some improvements included development and maintenance to the Cairo Ball Associaiton program and ball fields, building a Veteran’s Memorial, developing a library, improvements and maintenance to the Senior Center and the Community Center, a children’s theater program and Progressive Farm Safety.  These are things being worked on every day. Items that have also been discussed in various committee meetings are a hike and bike trail, campground, more youth programs, more senior programs.  The list is endless and community members come up with new ways to make our community better every day.

The most important factor in tackling wish list items is people.  The generous donation of time, energy and talents to plan, develop and administer these projects are carried out by numerous community volunteers.  Cairo has an excellent volunteer pool of talent that is shared regularly in abundance.  I am fortunate to work with a community that steps up to the plate and puts their energy and time back into their town.

The other factor, which there is no getting around, is funding.  Projects just don’t happen without funding.  If funding didn’t play such a huge role in project completion the Cairo wish list would be done in a week.

The Cairo Steering Committee recognized that Cairo was missing a key funding tool that many other communities have been using successfully for years.  That mechanism is a community foundation.  About three years ago the steering committee made building a Cairo Community Foundation a priority.  Some fundraisers have been held, a few grants have been made and now the Cairo Community Foundation is moving to its next phase.  Putting the dollars, you donate to the Foundation to work.

A portion of the Cairo Community Foundation general fund will be invested.  Invested in low risk investments that will grow the general fund as well as provide an ever-growing steady stream of money to use yearly towards paying for the Cairo wish list and new projects that are developed along the way.  Investment is the true power of a community foundation and now Cairo has that tool, that will become more powerful every time you donate.

It has been my pleasure to work with community members to build the Cairo Community Foundation.  I take great pride in how the Cairo Community Foundation has grown in the last few years and look forward to what the Cairo Community Foundation will do in the future with the power of investment.  Investment of dollars and the investment of the volunteers who make our community great.

If you have questions about donating to the Cairo Community Foundation during Go Big Give on May 3rd please feel free to call me at 308-379-9119 or email me at  I will also be in the Village office on May 3rd to assist anyone in making their donations.  Donations can be made directly to Go Big Give at between today and May 3rd.


Charity Adams


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