When Bill Heger and Tom Emerton asked me to revitalize the Cairo Community Foundation as part of the work I did for Cairo, they didn’t do their homework on me. I knew nothing about community foundations.  Didn’t know what a foundation was or what it was supposed to do.  Bill and Tom are visionaries for Cairo.  They knew Cairo needed a Foundation and they set the wheels in motion to get one working in Cairo. I have been lucky enough to work with people who have created a really great Foundation.

Bill and Tom knew that the Foundation wouldn’t build parks, food pantries, order a QRT truck, or make sure kids had summer activities.  They knew that the Cairo people would do the building.  They knew the people of Cairo needed a tool to do the building.

The Cairo Community Foundation is the tool that helps donors support the work people are doing to make Cairo great.  It gives Cairo people the power to apply for grants and use investment income combined with donations to pay for projects.

As a Cairo Community Foundation donor, I get to drive through town or sit at a ballgame and say I helped build that!  Helping people in Cairo build an amazing community is why I support the Cairo Community Foundation.

I hope you join me in helping people build the Cairo Community by making a donation to the Cairo Community Foundation on May 6th.  Click here to give online or stop in the Vault on May 6th.

~Charity Adams

Go Big Give for Cairo on May 6th


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