There isn’t much exciting about a public restroom until you are in need of one.   The North Ball Field bathrooms are currently something very far from exciting.  They require constant repair and no longer fit the needs of the facility.  In a typical year the ball fields see 1 to 2 ball games per night.  The ball fields now host Centura softball which continues through the fall.  The ball field area is also used for events like Junk Jaunt and future events in production.  As the area becomes more of an event space for the Village of Cairo the bathrooms need to be improved to meet the future needs of the area.

Two Cairo volunteers, Barb Knopik and Tara Janda, are championing this project.  They realize it is not a quick fix.  They are prepared to work on this project for the long haul along with a contingent of rock star volunteers.  They are partnering with the Cairo Community Foundation to be their fiscal agent to raise the funds to create a new building to house bathrooms first.  Building plans include options for future growth as funds allow.  Ideas for future additions include showers, batting cages, concessions, and possible grand stand space.  

Building with a plan for the future is a brilliant way to make sure that Cairo is the “Oasis of the Prairie” for its residents and its visitors.

To support this project donate to the Cairo Community Foundation during Go Big Give on July 7th. 

Donate online July 7th.

Donate in person at the Vault on July 7th or during Cairo Cruise Night starting at 7pm on July 7th.  Representative are located at the Watering Hole during Cruise Night.

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