The Point of Entry Sign committee is hosting Softball Junkies Co-Ed Softball Tournament on Sunday, July 21st starting at noon. This event is hosted by Anna Rathke, Kate Bohling, Rozy Dibbern, Barb Knopik, and Charity Adams.

A Point of Entry Sign is an initiative adopted by the Cairo Steering Committee. The committee is working with an artist to generate three mural designs. The committee plans to ask the community to vote on their favorite design online or in person at various Cairo locations. The community gets to pick the design. The committee plans to locate the mural on Cairo’s Shop located on the East edge of Cairo on highway two.

$125 per team for up to 12 players, ASA rules, 8 teams max, double elimination. Top two teams get exclusive Cairo goodie bags. The winner walks away with a pretty stellar trophy designed by Rozy Dibbern.

The public is invited to watch or participate in this event. Concessions provided by Mom’s Lunchbox and beer garden provided by The Cairo Watering Hole.

Contact Anna Rathke at 308-390-4231 to get your team in the Softball Junkies Co-Ed Softball Tournament.

Funds generated are donated to the Cairo Community Foundation Point of Entry Sign Fund.

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