The Cairo Ball Association requested $3000 in a grant application towards the modification of the dugouts on the North Ball Field.

The Cairo Community Foundation awarded the grant to Cairo Ball Association volunteers who plan to acquire additional funding and supplies and utilize volunteer effort to move and shade the dugouts.

The dugouts will feature new permanent roofing and a new location outside of the fence. 

Several board members could relate to this grant request, being coaches or having had children participate in summer ball.  Board members empathized with issues related to playing ball in the Nebraska heat and long days spent at the park.  Board members remember sitting through many a game with soaring temperatures and sweat drenched kids.  Someone steps in to provide ad hock shade, finagling a tarp to cover the dugouts which inevitably flaps in the Nebraska wind or sails across the field.  The lack of shade will soon be solved with permanent roofing and a relocation of the dugout benches funded by the Cairo Community Foundation grant.

Cairo community ball players and visiting teams can shelter in the dugouts, avoiding fly balls and summer sun while having fun playing great games.

If you have a great project like this requiring funding consider applying for a Cairo Community Foundation grant.  The next opportunity for grant funding is February 1st.

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