First Baptist Church was awarded $500 toward the community food pantry project from the Cairo Community Foundation General Fund.  Currently, the food pantry is housed in the Baptist Church.  In an effort to make the Food Pantry more accessible the Baptist Church is leading the effort to convert an existing garage into a local food pantry.  To help fund this project please contact Pastor Jack.

The Cairo Fire Department was awarded $500 towards its project to convert the old QRT truck into a grass rig to replace a 30-year-old vehicle.  To help fund this project reach out to Nathan Knuth.

The Gathering Place in Cairo was awarded $500 towards its project to update the current kitchen.  In a time where other small community senior centers are dwindling in the number of meals served the Cairo Gathering place has nearly doubled its number.  The kitchen was never designed to serve the capacity and future needs of the Cairo Community.  A kitchen update is needed. To learn more or help fund this project reach out to Amanda Schweitzer or Marvin Roth.

Donations made to the Cairo Community Foundation General Fund make community grants possible.  Most of those donations are made during Go Big Give.  Go Big Give is May 6th.  

The Foundation received an additional grant request from the Cairo – Area Children’s Theater.  This volunteer-led group contracts with Missoula Children’s Theater to provide theater instruction and theater production classes for children in K-12th grade. This year’s class and production, Snow Queen, takes place June 14-19.  

The Cairo Community Foundation awarded $1500 to this project from the Children’s Fund.  The fund was created to provide funds for children’s summer programs.  It was supported by a significant grant.  Those funds are now depleted.  To keep children’s programming in Cairo consider a gift to the Children’s Fund during Go Big Give.


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