The Cairo Quick Response Team is undoubtedly one of the most needed volunteer organizations in the Cairo community.  Answering emergency medical calls and assisting on Fire Department calls the QRT team attends an average of 54 calls per year.

This team has seen it all and continues to step up and serve on a volunteer basis.  If you have ever needed them I can guarantee you are beyond grateful for the support they provide in times of crisis.

This last year the team embarked on raising $135,000 for the purchase of a new Quick Response Team truck.  They received funding from county and village funds, hosted dueling pianos and participated in Go Big Give.  

The Cairo Community Foundation knew that the purchase of the truck answered a critical need for the community.  The Foundation wrote several grants and accepted donor gifts towards the new truck purchase.  As Christmas rolled around the QRT team indicated they were just $5000 from their goal.  

At the annual fire department appreciation dinner the Cairo Community Foundation was delighted to surprise the Cario QRT with a check for $5000 made possible from a grant from the Wolbach Foundation.  The $5000 completed the funding for the new truck.  

QRT leader Rebecca Hadenfeldt said, “The truck is currently in production with hopes that it will be delivered and be available for service by Cornstalk Festival.”

Through generous gifts made by donors through the Cairo Community Foundation, grants and Go Big Give.  The Cairo Community Foundation was able to support this worthy cause with nearly $38,000 in funding.  The Foundation looks forward to assisting the Cairo community through financial and administrative support as well as helping donors give gifts to projects and services they believe in.

Applications are now open for Cairo Community Foundation community grants.  Download an application online or visit the Village Office to pick and application up in person.  Applications are due February 1st.

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