When the pandemic struck everything shut down except for the hearts and minds of our Cairo Community volunteers.  Recognizing that our children’s summers were going to be a little lack luster, volunteers; Lisa Wright, Trisha Plate, and Amanda Schweitzer came up with the Creative Kids Challenge 2020.

The challenge is for children Pre K to 8th Grade.  The challenge begins June 15 and runs through August 9th.  These volunteers enlisted the involvement of Cairo area businesses to build a fun and adventure filled summer full of activties for the area youth.  With the financial support of the Cairo Community Foundation and area businesses the Creative Kids Challenge is free to join.

The Challenge involves weekly activities, crafts, project ideas, take home supplies, contests, art, exercise, and more.  

To get started just visit the Cairo Area Creative Kids Challenge 2020 Facebook Group.  Each week volunteers post projects and locations to pick up supplies.  Children complete projects, snap pictures and share them in the safe and secure facebook group.  The volunteers have enlisted the help of our Cairo Area businesses.  Each of these businesses are availalble to post art work, provide supplies, and generally convey that your children are important to the Cairo Community.

Join the Challenge


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