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The Cairo Community Foundation is thinking about our Centura District Family during the pandemic. To lift your spirits and support our local restaurants the Foundation is sponsoring a Stay at Home Dinner.

The Foundation is purchasing 100 meals that serve 4 to 6 people.  The meals are purchased from the Vault, Danish Baker, and the Watering Hole.

We invite households located in the Centura District to select 1 meal and pick up that meal up from the restaurant you choose at the specified time.

We ask that you select one meal per household.  If there are still meals available after the first round we will open ordering up to a second round of ordering.

The Foundation hopes to reach 100 households with the Stay at Home Dinner.

The Foundation Board knows you are going through a lot right now.  Even though we can’t get together we can still share a meal.

Once you sit down to enjoy your meal.  Take a picture of your household enjoying your meal.  Share that picture on your social media page and drop a picture in the Cairo Community Foundation Facebook page post.  The Foundation is looking forward to seeing your smiling faces enjoying a meal that brings everyone together. Please hastag your post #CairoCommunityFoundation #StayAtHomeDinner.  

Special thanks to the Medina Street Vault, Danish Baker, and the Watering Hole for making this meal happen!

Also special thank you to all who contribute to the Cairo Community Foundation.  These contributions make this event possible.


Our Stay at Home Dinner is sold out.  Thank you!!


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