The Committee to build new bathrooms at the North Ballfield live-streamed its January raffle drawing.  Raffle sponsors, Mark Johnson representing AG Consulting Group and Cory and Kate Bohling representing Bohling Detasseling attended.

Matt Bellamy from Astro Buildings won January’s drawing.  Matt wins January’s gun, a Wetherby Riffle, or the option of $500.  

Mark Johnson, Tara Janda, Cory Bohling, Barb Knopik, Kate Bohling

Calendar raffle tickets are still available. 

Your $50 raffle ticket supports the new bathroom build project and gives you 11 chances to win the gun of the month or $500 in cash.  Contact Barb Knopik or Tara Janda to purchase your raffle ticket.


The next drawing is live-streamed on the Cairo Community Foundation Facebook page on February 11th at 7:00 pm.  February’s drawing takes place during the Bathroom Build visioning meeting hosted by committee leaders at Centura Hills on February 11th at 7:00 pm.  If you have ideas for the new bathroom build and what other uses could be built into the project please attend this meeting.


The Committee Building New Bathrooms at the North Ballfield is drawing its January Calendar Raffle Winner on January 17th at 1 pm on Facebook Live.

There is still an opportunity to purchase a calendar to help fund the new bathroom build.  Each calendar purchased includes an opportunity to win a gun per month.  A drawing for a different gun is offered monthly.  Buy your calendar before January 17th and have 12 chances to win.  Every month you wait to purchase your calendar you lose one chance to win.  

Drawings are held monthly.

To purchase your calendar/raffle contact Tara Janda, or Barb Knopik, or stop by the Village Office.  Calendars are $50 each.

Bohling Detasseling and Land View Storage are January Calendar Raffle Sponsors.

To watch the raffle live visit the Cairo Community Foundation Facebook page.  The event is hosted live on January 17th at 1 pm.  

The Cairo Community Foundation received a grant of $10,780 from the Harold Dunlap fund managed by the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation.  This grant allows the Veterans Committee to order the materials for the granite mural.  Ordering now locks in 2020 pricing.  

This gift combined with brick orders, donations, and additional grant funds is making the Veterans Memorial park a reality.


Volunteers created the New Bathroom Build Project as a way to enhance the amenities offered in the Village of Cairo.    The Cairo Community Foundation completed a grant application to fund this project.  The application was reviewed by the team at Aurora Cooperative and submitted to the Land O’Lakes Foundation for matching funds. Aurora Cooperative Elevator Company and Land O’Lakes Foundation deemed the project a quality of life enhancer.

The New Bathroom Project received $2000 towards its New Bathroom Build Project.

The Cairo Community Foundation and the New Bathroom Committee are grateful for the gifts from Aurora Cooperative and the Land O’Lakes Foundation.  This gift moves the financial needle closer to completing the $60,000 improvement for the Cairo Community.

BR: Barb Knopik, Tara Janda, Kristi Klein, Traci Menke, Todd Nitsch FR: Sloane McDonald, Marissa Janda

The Cairo Veterans Memorial Park Committee would like to invite the community to watch the inaugural flag raising at the Veterans Memorial Park on Sunday, November 8th, at 2:00 pm.  

This is an outdoor event expected to last 30 minutes.  This event will take place rain or shine.  People are welcome to park and watch from their cars or watch from the shelter of the fire hall across the street.

This event is broadcasted live on the Cairo Community Foundation Facebook Page.  The video will be published on the Cairo Community Foundation Facebook page.

You can continue to purchase veteran memorial bricks.  An engraver will come to the park periodically to engrave new names on the wall.  To be part of the next engraving order your bricks by November 15th, 2020.  You may download an order form from the website or stop by the Village of Cairo Office for a order form.

We have started our capital campaign for new North Field Bathrooms and Concessions. We have had a few small fundraisers so far this year and have a great opportunity for our families to help continue to raise funds. 

The North Ball Field Committee has created  2021 calendars to sell for $50 a calendar. Each month a lucky winner (someone who bought a calendar)  will have the opportunity to win a new gun or $500 cash. 

If you would like a calendar or know of any one who would like one, please contact Barb Knopik or Tara Janda to buy one. They can also be purchased at the Village Office.

Hurry Fast because we only have 300 calendars!!!  -Tara & Barb, committee chairs


Barb Knopik 308-391-1176

Tara Janda 402-853-1701

A group of volunteers, led by Gordy Sorensen are installing sprinklers at the Cairo Veteran Memorial Park on Saturday, September 26th starting at 9 am.  Pulling the pipe and installing the sprinklers requires a little bit of elbow grease.  If you have any to lend or better yet you have teenagers with a little elbow grease to spare please contact Charity Adams at 308-390-9119.  Walk-ons are welcome too.


What does a taco Truck and a Softball Tournament Have In Common?

They are both in Cairo on August 23rd.

The the New Bathroom committee is hosting a Co-Ed softball tournament on August 23rd.  This is for people who are young and those of you who are young at heart.  If you don’t have the capacity to play, no one but maybe your team will complain if you provide supervisory services from the bench.  Put a team together for a great cause.  This is good old fashion fun with a little cut throat competitiveness thrown in if you are so inclined.  

Don’t let Barb Knopik, our volunteer extraordinaire down, get your team into the line up today!  Barb is waiting for your call  308-391-1176

If you are just a big fan of tacos and not a fan of cooking on the weekend Mexcellent Taco truck is on site during the tournament.  They are a proven conveyer of food, supplying literally good taste where ever they go.  Mexcellent has been here before and received the Cairo Community thumbs up for great food.  A portion of food sales help fund the new bathroom project. If you can’t toss a ball, eat a taco!

The North Ballfield Playground volunteers along with Cairo Community Foundation and Greater Grand Island Community Foundation representatives gathered to dedicate the North Ballfield Playground.

A simple conversation on a set of bleachers created a project that provides a safe place space, enriches the look and feel of the ballfield and shows what true collaboration can create.

A team of volunteers led by Tara Janda and supported by the Cairo Community Foundation created a play space that includes rubber mulch, full playscape, nets that prevent fly ball injury and a sun shade to protect children and equipment.  The playground is located just north of the bleachers, a safe distance from the railroad tracks and the parking lot.  The playground is within the sightlines of parents dividing focus to keep children entertained off the field and players supported on the field.

Adam Becker led the construction team which included Tara and Jim Janda, Kody Knopik, Nate Fries, Michael  Anderson, Adam Bierhaus, Judson Bonsack, Mekhi Melgoza, and volunteers from Farm Credit.  This team went above and beyond to put the playground together.  When you visit the playground you will recognize that this is a substantial set up that required significant talent and effort to construct.  Be sure to thank these volunteers for their time and dedication to the children who will enjoy this play space for many years to come.

BR: Adam Becker, Jen Barker, Kevin Dvorak, Jim Janda, Sara Bierhaus, Adam Becker, Mike Gloor FR: Brooke Fries, Kayla Becker, Shannon Dvorak, Tara Janda, Charity Adams, Denise Myers, Lisa Thayer

Cairo Community Foundation served the Cairo Community by supporting a volunteer team with a vision.  The Foundation provides the charitable corporate structure needed to acquire donations and grants.  This project was funded through a grant written by the Foundation to the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation .  The Arthur Klinkacek Fund administered by the board of the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation fulfilled the grant, providing $25,000 towards this project.

The Cairo Community Foundation looks forward to supporting the New Bathroom Project for the North Ballfield.  Tara Janda and Barb Knopik are leading this project.  The project seeks $60,000 to fund the construction of a new building that will initially house new bathrooms but eventually be the starting point for additional amenities for the North Ballfield area.  Donations can be directed to the Cairo Community Foundation – New Bathroom Fund.

The committee is currently selling calendars to raise funds for this project, hosting a co-ed softball tournament on August 23rd and hosting a North Ballfield vision meeting on September 13th. The public is invited to participate in the meeting as well as gather a team for the tournament. If you are not a softball player and want to support the project stop at the ballfield and buy a taco from the Mexcellent Food Truck on August 23rd.  Proceeds from food purchases benefit the project.

The New Bathroom Committee is hosting a dreaming and planning meeting on September 13, 2020 at 7 pm.  Location to be determined.  Follow the event details on Facebook.

Tara Janda and Barb Knopik are committee chairs for this project.

There is a basic idea for the bathrooms but having input from the community will help with the design, planning and identify future needs in the North Ball Field location.

This meeting will be held following Covid – 19 protocols.