Entrepreneurs are everywhere, especially in small towns.  Take a look around at the businesses in the Centura District.  They are hometown businesses making our community great not giant conglomerations.  Why not teach our children to be entrepreneurs so they can graduate, develop and operate a successful business right in their hometown?

Lemonade Business Days is a class that is doing just that.  Introducing children to the steps it takes to develop a new business.  Today they are building lemonade stands, tomorrow the sky is the limit.

Coordinated by Abby Hargens of Pathway Bank with Rozy Dibbern and Jen Trumler of Centura, children learned how to develop a business plan, arrange financing, develop a product and implement a marketing strategy.  The students visited and learned from the owners of the Medina Street Vault and Stretch Powersports, two new Cairo businesses.  They met with account representatives and loan officers at Pathway bank to open checking accounts and acquire a loan.  They designed and built their lemonade stands and did a Facebook live interview to market them.

The students are setting up their stands in Hulett Park on Sunday, July 15th from 11:30pm to 1:30pm.  Customers receive a free Sunday pass to swim at they pool when they buy lemonade.  Sunday dinner is served at the Senior Center that same day starting at 11:00 am featuring pork chops with all the fixings.

This program is made possible by Pathway Bank and a grant from Beyond School Bells.  This program and other summer programs are possible with donations directed to the Childrens Fund at the Cairo Community Foundation.

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