The Committee to build new bathrooms at the North Ballfield live-streamed its January raffle drawing.  Raffle sponsors, Mark Johnson representing AG Consulting Group and Cory and Kate Bohling representing Bohling Detasseling attended.

Matt Bellamy from Astro Buildings won January’s drawing.  Matt wins January’s gun, a Wetherby Riffle, or the option of $500.  

Mark Johnson, Tara Janda, Cory Bohling, Barb Knopik, Kate Bohling

Calendar raffle tickets are still available. 

Your $50 raffle ticket supports the new bathroom build project and gives you 11 chances to win the gun of the month or $500 in cash.  Contact Barb Knopik or Tara Janda to purchase your raffle ticket.


The next drawing is live-streamed on the Cairo Community Foundation Facebook page on February 11th at 7:00 pm.  February’s drawing takes place during the Bathroom Build visioning meeting hosted by committee leaders at Centura Hills on February 11th at 7:00 pm.  If you have ideas for the new bathroom build and what other uses could be built into the project please attend this meeting.


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