What does a taco Truck and a Softball Tournament Have In Common?

They are both in Cairo on August 23rd.

The the New Bathroom committee is hosting a Co-Ed softball tournament on August 23rd.  This is for people who are young and those of you who are young at heart.  If you don’t have the capacity to play, no one but maybe your team will complain if you provide supervisory services from the bench.  Put a team together for a great cause.  This is good old fashion fun with a little cut throat competitiveness thrown in if you are so inclined.  

Don’t let Barb Knopik, our volunteer extraordinaire down, get your team into the line up today!  Barb is waiting for your call  308-391-1176

If you are just a big fan of tacos and not a fan of cooking on the weekend Mexcellent Taco truck is on site during the tournament.  They are a proven conveyer of food, supplying literally good taste where ever they go.  Mexcellent has been here before and received the Cairo Community thumbs up for great food.  A portion of food sales help fund the new bathroom project. If you can’t toss a ball, eat a taco!

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