The Cairo North Ball Field is pretty much home for young families during baseball and softball season.  Families spend a lot of time watching their player practicing and playing games on the fields.  So what do the siblings do while their player is on the field?

Back Row: Amy Price, Jennifer Barker, Randy Gleason, Rhonda Myers. Front Row: Melissa Delaet, Tara Janda, Charity Adams, Angela Meyer

One mom brought this question to the Cairo Community Foundation.  Tara Janda has three children, two are currently players and one is younger.  This means Tara and parents like her are happy to have family time at the ball park but need a place for their other children to play during the long hours as the park.  Tara discussed an idea to develop a small play space near the bleachers so she and other parents could see their players play on the field while also being able to see their other children play off the field.   

This idea was discussed with Brent McDonald, President of the Cairo Ball Association.  He thought the play space was a great idea.  Having six children himself, he recognized a the need to have a safe place to play but emphasized the need for netting over the playground to prevent pop flies from causing harm to kids playing in the park.

The Cairo Community Foundation wrote a grant to the Grand Island Community Foundation to fund this project.  The Grand Island Community Foundation awarded $25,000 towards the project.  The funds are provided in honor of Arthur E. Klinkacek.  The funds will insure a safe play space that is ADA compliant.

The Cairo Community Foundation is looking forward to working with the Cairo Ball Association to integrate this play space into the park improvement plans while adding a new feature that will make the park even more family friendly.

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