Progressive Ag Day 2015The Village of Cairo held its first Progressive Agriculture Safety Day in the Summer of 2015. Ninety-four children were provided education on PTO, water, bicycle, seatbelt, mosquito, germ, animal, power line, and hydraulic safety.

Recently a parent shared that this event saved the lives of their very young twins. The twins were playing with some older children in the vicinity of an operating PTO. They watched as one of the older children ran near the operating PTO. The father panicked as he watched the children heading in the same direction. Fortunately they stopped. When asked what stopped them, they stated they learned how dangerous PTOs were at Safety Day. That story established the importance of Safety Day with the Safety Day Coordinators. A fund for future Safety Days has been established with the Foundation.

This event will be held in Cairo, June 7th, 2016. This event services children kindergarten to sixth grade within a twenty-five mile radius of Cairo. The 2016 them will focus on fire saftey. It is the goal of the Safety Day committee to provide a fire extinguisher or smoke detector to each family attending. If you would like to donate to the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day Fund for the purpose of developing future Safety Days in the Village of Cairo please send your donation to Cairo Community Foundation, PO Box 603, Cairo, NE 68824.

You may also leave your donation at the Village Office.  Your donation to this fund is tax deductible.  You may also donate online using your credit or debit card via Paypal.

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