Bill and Karen are one, if not the only people who engrave bricks and other monuments on site.  The Veterans Committee has been working with Bill and Karen for the last several months planning for the new veterans memorial brick orders.  

Bill and Karen expected to receive orders for 10 to 15 bricks.  They were a little overwhelmed when an order for 54 new bricks arrived.  

Bill states that engraving the bricks on site is pretty tough.  It takes a lot of equipment and physical strength.  In addition, the weather needs to be cool but not too cool to keep the machine operating.

The process begins with creating a rubberized template with veteran’s information.  That template adheres to the wall,  a water jet is used to engrave the brick, then the engraving is painted.  

They plan to engrave 3 to 4 bricks each time they visit.  They also do gravestones all over the state so they are juggling quite a bit at the moment.  

After receiving such a large order they don’ think they can get all the bricks engraved by the park’s dedication on September 11th but they are going to do as many as possible.


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