Cairo is working with Centura to facilitate youth programming through a grant received by Centura.  The grant provides funding for 2018 youth programs including basic cooking, basic automotive, robotics, entrepreneurship and more.  These programs combined with Cairo Safety Day and Children’s Theater means our children have skill enriching programs right in their own backyards.  It is important to mention that these programs are open to children in the Centura District and reach children in other communities as well.

The Cairo Community Foundation started a Children’s Program Fund.  It hopes to receive donations totaling $5,000 to endow the fund.  The endowed fund is a way to secure funding for these programs for many years to come.  Go Big Give contributions on May 3rd can be directed to the Children’s Fund.

The Foundation wrote a grant to Cargill a few months ago and learned the local Cargill committee approved $5,000 for children’s programs.  The Foundation was pleased to hear about these funds to secure Children’s Theater and the development of additional programs.  The local Cargill committee was enthusiastic about children’s programming and submitted the Foundation’s grant proposal to the corporate office for additional funding.  The Foundation was notified that the Cargill corporate office is supplying an additional $2500 for youth programming.  The Foundation and the community is going to  be able offer amazing opportunities for youth in the Centura District with this commitment from Cargill.

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