The Cairo Community Foundation is pleased to announce that the Grace and Donna Rae Koepp Foundation granted the Cairo Children’s Theater program $2000 towards next years program.  The Cairo Community Foundation is grateful for these funds as it will insure the continuation of a wonderful program.  Children’s theater isn’t just about creating entertainment it is about the development of young minds.

Through theater production children learn the art of team work, develop self-confidence and learn to tackle their goals.  The Missoula Montana Children’s Theater production group has earned several accolades for their work in other communities.  Now Cairo will have the same opportunity to share this amazing program with up to sixty children this year and next thanks to the grant provided.

Kris Hickey and her volunteer team head up the children’s theater project.  They want as many children as possible to participate in this fun filled learning event.  This program is offered free of charge to area children.  Everyone who attends auditions will be included in the production.  Auditions are just a way to judge a child’s current level of ability.  Everyone who wants to participate will get to participate in the show.

Auditions are June 5th at 1pm at the Cairo Community Center.  Pratice will run the rest of the week.  Two performances of Rapunzel will be held during Cornstalk Festival at the Community Center.  Performances are Friday, June 9th at 7pm and Saturday, June 10th at 1pm.  Tickets are $5 at the door.  Proceeds will fund next years production.

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