With an initial contribution of as little as $1,000 in cash or appreciated assets, a Donor-Advised Fund (or DAF) is our simplest way to get started giving. You make an initial contribution, receive immediate tax benefits, and direct grants (charitable gifts) to any public nonprofit of your choice – local, regional or national. You decide the timing of your grants to charity – there is no requirement to direct a grant from your account in a given year. 

Take advantage of our philanthropic and community expertise! Tell us what you’d like to accomplish with your DAF or what you care about and we’ll help you focus your resources to make the greatest impact and achieve your charitable goals. We’ll also take care of the record-keeping and provide you the necessary paperwork at tax-time. 

Think of it as your “charity checkbook.” A Donor-Advised Fund is a turn-key charitable and tax-planning tool.

To learn more about creating a donor-advised fund with the Cairo Community Foundation, please contact the Executive Director at 308-485-4400 or foundation@cairocommunityfoundation.com