Determined to carry the Cairo Community into the future by providing a safe and secure option to create a financial legacy through philanthropy.

Dedicated to providing support to grassroots groups that want to make their community come to life with amazing programming and fantastic projects.

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How we can Help

Create a Legacy

Regardless of your budget, you can leave a lasting financial legacy for the Cairo community by creating an endowment, sponsoring a fund, or contributing to many special projects and programs developing in the Cairo community.

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The Cairo Community Foundation offers community grants from donations and investment income to groups who want to make improvements for the Cairo Community.

Cairo Community Foundation also seeks out and writes grants on behalf of Cairo Community projects and programming.

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Community Support

Our community runs on the hopes and dreams of its residents.  The Cairo Community Foundation is here to provide administrative, program, and project support to the many groups and organizations that make Cairo great.


Stay At Home Dinner

enjoy a meal on us   OUR STAY AT HOME DINNER IS SOLD OUT The Cairo Community Foundation is thinking about our Centura District Family during the pandemic. To lift your spirits and support our local restaurants the Foundation is sponsoring a Stay at Home Dinner. The Foundation is purchasing 100 meals that serve 4 […]


Foundation Participates in Strategic Planning

“Board members answered the question:  How will the Cairo Community Foundation continue to build on past success and create opportunities for strengthening the community in the future?” Planning for the Future Cairo Community Foundation Board members and director met with Mission Matters consultant, Kayla Schnuelle to answer the question:  How will the Cairo Community Foundation […]


Cairo QRT Receives Gift to Complete Truck Funding

The Cairo Quick Response Team is undoubtedly one of the most needed volunteer organizations in the Cairo community.  Answering emergency medical calls and assisting on Fire Department calls the QRT team attends an average of 54 calls per year. This team has seen it all and continues to step up and serve on a volunteer […]